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Friday, March 14, 2014

Home Sanctuary.

Because of my deeply sensitive nature, I don't like to show my home on my blog. I feel energy is depleted doing so, feel it totally draining, simply don't feel it right. That's why you very rarely find images of just small corners of my home here... only details, close ups, never the "feel" of a whole room...

Truth is, I don't like to have anyone in my energetic space, if not people I love or have chosen wisely to enter (the main reason why I had to close my public IG account). My home is just my home, my beautiful, comfortable, warm nest, my sanctuary. I don't feel gratified in sharing my taste, possessions etc as if they were undoubtful proof of my value.

I'm always so surprised at how much you can learn of a person, how much you can "hear and see" just looking at a living space, surprisingly even not in person. Blogs offer a huge practicing field for that these days, with many people showing their homes online. It's a sort of "x-ray-ability" for deeply sensitive souls, as we are able to gather informations from the outside and inside in such a positively peculiar way that it's difficult to fail. Mind you, not in judging a person (something the world should be more and more educated to totally suspend), but in feeling them, kind of seeing inside (have you ever seen those amazing x-rays of shells?). Especially when the images are accompanied by words, that becomes even more powerful and clear.

A huge step in my spiritual growth (and as a form of love for myself and my husband, too, who couldn't be happier about my decision) was when I have finally decided not to receive/entertain anyone in our nest anymore, unless they are people I feel extremely comfortable with, we love or love us both. I also have to trust that they're going to bring along positive energy to our living space.

This means basically, a very, very, very small bunch of persons- could be counted on one hand.
There's in fact no reason why we should welcome in our sanctuary acquaintances,  neighbors, "friends"or relatives who don't like my husband or myself (this sadly happened) because we're different from the way the world states you have to be, people who don't like or judge our way of living (even just because we live in quiet and do different things!) or simply express judgement for whatever reason. Have done in the past, thinking there was something wrong with me and I had to be "normal", and I've learnt the lesson well the hard way. The more I walk on my spiritual path, the more my heart bleeds for judgement, in whatever form.

What my words of the year, Welcome, invites me to bring along in my life, is self-love, self-care, self-compassion, self-nourishment and joy, for me and my DH as well. If you don't nurture yourself first and foremost, you cannot be able to bring good things into the lives of others.

Monica xo


  1. Avrai senz'altro tutte le ragioni per questo post ... per voltare pagina ... I shall think the promise of the abundance of peonies , in your older post .
    A big hug ,

  2. I love your honesty in your posts and how you have learned to stay true to yourself and to know what you need as a sensitive person, it is very inspiring and helpful :)

  3. This is very true. A mistake I have made far too often. Thank you for sharing ; it was a good reminder. Blessings~

  4. As always, you've beautifully expressed a deep feeling of my own heart! Though many people -including my own parents- think that it's not right to live "in a bubble" (in their words), it's the only way I can now enjoy and raise my kid... I completely agree with you: our own sacred spaces -both physical and emotional- should never be contaminated by anyone with negative energies like criticism, anger, fear, envy or judgement. Thanks for so honestly say it, it's very inspiring for many of us who try and care our sanctuaries all around the world!

  5. Hello Monica,

    Oh my....what a wonderful visit I had reading this post. How funny that I have only time to read on blog today, and I chose yours...you spoke so eloquently and honestly. I feel a very kindred spirit with you in this post! How wonderful you are accepting your real self and are willing to show the world. I have been on a spiritual path for some time, and your post has truly encouraged me to keep my eyes (and heart) on the path I feel is best for me, and not on what others try to make important in my life. Like you, I am not judging, it's just as I grow older, I am finding more and more that I have less in common with the world, but yet, am happier. :-) Wishing you all the best, and thank you for stopping by to visit me. I am so happy I read your post today!
    Big hugs


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