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Monday, March 31, 2014

An Artist's Ordinary Week.

Hey, look at this fabric!!
How pret.ty!!
Where does it come from??
(I had completely forgotten about it!)
What can I use it for? It's so gorgeous that I must put it to good use!
... Ooh it's soo beautiful!!
Well, let's think about that
(leaving it out to "rest" on the living room chair).

Oh well, March, time for flowers! 
Where on earth are my pink flowery cups and teapots hidden?
Have to jot down the current temperatures in my garden journal.

Oh the joy of Spring teas in flower cups! 
(GOSH, need them for styling with fresh flowers! I see greeting cards galore). 
Where did I see those amazing pink roses, by the way?)
... ooh these dishes are soo pretty!
(staring at them while doing the washing up).
I should try agave syrup.

I have to write a blog post about this (totally unrelated subject)...
(while doing something completely diffferent) 
Let's clean the vintage suitcases I found a few days ago at the recycling centre shop! 
I bought them for my studio but... 
let's see... they look perfect here! 
(moving everything around the living room and leaving all OUT).
Now I need another one or two for the studio...

Deadline is fast approaching! One week to go! 
Just finished the previous collection and I would have the time to do all in calm... 
but what if I started something new?
Hmmm crazy thought...
I don't have the time...
... pulling at my heartstrings! Must do that!!!
Why not?
Let's go and gather some art supplies.

This is crazy.
... Oooooh I NEEED to do that!!!
Where on earth is glue?? And oh my, where did I put the vintage maps?
(instinctively grabbing acrylic bottles and already thinking of a simphony of blue greens)
I think I have to remake those frames in the living room.

Look at this pretty green!
Oh my that is a gorgeous shade of blue! 
Oh my oh my (heart beating faster)... let's add this one too!
Where are the wax pastels?
Mmm the bread in the bread maker must be ready!
(while taking the loaf out of the bread machine)
I AM ready!
Ok, paints on the palette. A little more blue...
Breathe. Open. GO.

Do I know what I'm doing?
Will the result be what I have in mind? 
Hmmm... maybe. Maybe not.
Does it matter? I need to do this NOW!

... (all kind of inexpressible thoughts and feelings)...

(While painting)
Aaah basil! 
What if I'd plant it in a larger pot to make it grow bigger?
Mmmm bruschetta in the garden on a sunny day!
Did I buy an amazingly gorgeous pot at the recycling centre?
Oh I looove mustard yellow!!

Yes I can have a break now... I need to plant the basil.
(bad weather though- rain then a brief sun spell, then rain and hail again)
... oh no.
Well, let's garden in the car boot!

Aah, zucchini! 
(while remembering and savoring those I picked everyday in my old orchard)
Where are the seeds?
(hidden under a pile of fabrics and Christmas lights still to be put away).

I'd have a slice of freshly baked bread with marmelade, please. 
And a mug of lemon tea with honey.
Wow, I could make lemon soap! And honey soap as well!
Must find the soap moulds.

Better that I go and work on my backgrounds.

What about adding navy blue?? Oh looove navy blue! 
Where's my navy blue bag by the way?
Must find the jeans skirt, too!
Awwwwww!!! A patchwork throw with jeans scraps!!!

The big log basket is way too big now! 
What I can use it for?

Off to buy milk and fruit!
(coming back with daffs from hubby and a pot of sweet peas, too).
(too many thoughts and feelings and ideas while driving to be expressed)

Well, it's time to make my own liquid soap!
Where are the soap flakes?

Better to go and take a breath of fresh air before starting to paint.
Oooh violets are out!!!!

I'd pick some to press and send to Mom and girl friends!
I need to paint more violets.
Mmmm violet... purple... I see purple now!

Let's add a splash of aqua green. 
Will lemon yellow be too much?
Well I love it! Why not?

Great job! You go girl!
Now off to edit all of those photographs. 
Ah, and better to make some pizza dough for tonight.

Have I changed the water? 
Oh that yellow!!! 
Must paint these!
I have to remake all of the pillows in the kitchen!
What about gingham red? Yellow and white dots? Green checks?
Where is the green checkered fabric I had in my previous kitchen?

and on...
and on... and on.

(All photos taken with my phone. Giving myself permission to use it all the time.
I wouldn't have been able to capture life and so many emotions/ideas with my big camera!)

... That's how the highly creative mind works! ;)

Monica xo


  1. Thanks for the peek into your VERY busy brain! Cannot wait to see your new creations! And the yellows and purples of springtime are fabulous. Cool post.

  2. LOLOL :D:D:D
    I totally understand that stream of consciousness.....fun.

  3. This post is so funny its amazing what goes through a creative persons mind and how many ideas are always percolating. I love getting a glimpse into your creative mind :)

  4. I L-O-V-E this post!!! it really made me giggle :)))
    I can totally-perfectly-absolutely-completely imagine you in all of this, with all yours "uuuhhh" "ahhh" "ooooooohhh" etc etc :))) that is so so you! ...and obviously I can perfectly picture myself more or less in the same situations :-P
    big hug and thank you for this big smile you just put in my face.. I really needed it!

  5. Ha-Ha ! Well, you just wore me out! :) Have a great week. Tammy

  6. Yes it does! So glad to see someone else thinking the same way. Love all you beautiful photos. Have a great week :)

  7. I totally get this - found myself laughing. Mind going too fast for words or actions. Lovely blues and greens.

  8. Oh my!! Did you actually spent some time in my brain???? LOL

    I just LOVED this post!! I completely relate :)


  9. sounds like the spring energy is kicking in! one thing leads to another. Hold on to your hat! ( I have agave syrup on my porridge) :-) how's the dust in air where you are? I washed my car on Sunday, now it's covered in dust!! Heather x

  10. so delightful, you live a vivid life, love seeing every bit of it!

  11. Oh sweet, BEAUTIFUL friend...I LOVE the way your topsy turvy...this way that way, oopsie doodle, stuff-n-fluff way your mind skips, dances and frolics. You are a DELIGHT! <3 <3 <3 Kimberly


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