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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Welcoming my Greeting Cards with Legacy Publishing.

One of the things that happens to me while I walk on my spiritual path, is that the more I walk, the more I detach from my own results. This means, in simple words, that I don't feel proud or thrilled for my own accomplishments... I simply don't consider them as accomplishments, don't feel attachment for my results. I just feel filled with joy and peace seeing them manifested.

I believe that what comes out from me, through my hands, through my lens, are just inspiration from above and love from within. I believe each and every one of my photographs or paintings, are inspired thoughts that, passing through me, get their material form and become visible in the material world.
Yes, I know, quite phylosophical a thought for a Saturday morning, but I cannot help ;)

So when I saw these greeting cards, made by Legacy Publishing with my photography, my heart fluttered. Soared, was instantly transported to a secret garden suspended between time and space, and filled with the most beautiful flowers, colors and fragrances, and active bees and butterflies flying to and fro from petal to petal, while fluffy birds were chirping joyously.

Looking at each and every card I can still feel what I felt while taking that particular photograph- what was going on around me/inside of me and what I was thinking of, where I got those flowers, who was with me and where I actually was... surely, apart from the material location, I was in the secret garden of my heart- dreaming big, growing, healing, spreading my wings, cultivating joy and just savoring that moment.

May they bring smiles to the world!
Monica xo


  1. They look fresh and inspiring. lovely!

  2. These are just so gorgeous and special Monica, I really love seeing the journey you are on :) Thanks for sharing the secret garden of your soul with us :)

  3. Your poetic cards just bring smiles to me.

  4. They look beautiful and I am happy for you too!


  5. You always let us feel your joy, and now it can be shared by the sender and receiver of these beauties.

  6. I love that Monica "the secret garden of my heart".... but your garden really isn't a secret, as here are glimpses of it, to share with the whole world...
    You may feel a sense of detachment, but it is a truly wondrous thing that an image that captured your attention would be used by one person to convey a loving sentiment to someone they care about; that is a rare gift indeed.
    I am constantly amazed by what you do!

  7. How perfect. From your heart.

  8. They are all very special, beautiful indeed!


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