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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Romantic White.

My signature style pillows I make with precious antique linen, most of it handwoven by my Great Grandmother (I have tons!), and antique or vintage lace and old doilies or scraps of crocheted lace, for how damaged they may be. It's all about preserving... :)

As I promised, here's the primitive angel I made back in January, that now resides in our bedroom (by the way, I'm happy to report that I've found lots of spare time to make since I closed my handmade shop! Isn't it wondrous?). I made the body using a pattern by The Cheswick Company I have modified to adapt to my taste, and also painted the face my own way.

I've named her "Grace, Keeper of the Love", as she holds my wedding bouquet.
Her wings are hand- carved by my Dad upon my design; the dress, collar and bow are all antique (the tattered collar is a precious gift from my anything short of precious sister- friend!).

As in bedrooms I love always and only white bedlinens and accessories (with just a very moderate pop of color in form of throws or quilts at the foot of the bed), she looks so perfect in our bedroom.
I find white so romantic (is there anything more romantic than white??) and very practical. Easy to wash, and looks so tidy and clean!

Monica xo


  1. I find white so romantic too--and your doll is just adorable!

  2. She is so precious Monica, love her expression x

  3. White charming details ! A very rafined atmosphere .
    Lovely your bouquet in the angel- doll's hands!
    Good afternoon,

  4. Oh she is perfect! A true reflection of your joyous heart!

  5. Grace is so precious! She is in deed just A D O R A B L E ! ! ! !

  6. What a sweet face she has :)
    I love white too and all your linens are so pretty

  7. she is lovely with those sweet cascading ringlets & even more special having incorporated family treasures in making her. I love the wings your Dad carved ♥ and your bouquet xo

  8. Beautiful, Monica. I love white linens, too. I use creams and whites. Your pillows are gorgeous. I have so many pieces made by family members, and I have always hoped to turn them into something beautiful.

    Grace is so very special, and she is perfectly named. Grace is my favorite word. Just saying it makes me feel better.

  9. Ahh - she is so sweet... how wonderful you were able to have your dad carve the wings... the layers of love and meaning that go into the things you make are wonderful Monica.
    And your pillows... to have linen woven by your Great-Grandmother - what a treasure that is! They are simple, and simply lovely.


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