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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Photos from my Project Life Daily 2014.

January has been a lovely month for me, all tended to recharge my batteries after the very tiring deadline for artworks to be presented at the Atlanta Show 2014.
There have been lots of sunny hours, just rare frosty mornings, and a few very beautiful, sunny days with a clear, blue sky. Lots of rain and wind, too, and some foggy days... but honestly I don't care. It's Winter after all, and I've come to appreciate and love all of the Seasons for their unique gifts.

During January, I have cleaned and tidied up the house (finally!), started spotting snowdrops everywhere here in the English countryside and picking them, received a dear friend for lunch and overdue Christmas gifts exchange, started Project Life 2014 daily and made it to February, presented my DEMDACO Silvestri! collection to the world, cooked up a storm, made a primitive doll I'll show you soon, went for quick country walks and treasure hunting expeditions (thrifting) , finally listened to my husband who studied the thermodynamics of heating for us to have a warm home while keeping costs low (genius!), and finally having a toasty home (used to reach 13° C/55F in the morning because the system was set completely off at night!). I completed Mission Impossible aka Order in my studio, started painting again for the next deadlines, and bought sweet peas seeds and two rose plants (David Austin's Abraham Darby, I've wanted for years now, and Sweet Juliet).

In between these "practical" things, I have put big dreams {not just mine} out into the Universe, shared joy and inspiration, worked on my health {first and foremost, mentally}, welcomed ideas from my Mom and hubby about ways to take more care of myself and our home, and experimented them, gratefully received love notes from several persons that made me feel so deeply loved, started finding reassuring heart rocks once again after a mental shift of thought, and noticed more amazing synchronicities happening in my life, as usual.

... I'm ready for February!

Monica x


  1. And may it be wonderful:)

  2. you've achieved a lot in January ....roll on February!

  3. It sounds like you have had a wonderful start to the year. I've also been doing a lot of organizing and simplifying , it felt like a good month to do that and have a fresh start to the year.
    I hope your February is just as good :)

  4. I hope you have also a good fefruari !!...love Ria...x !!


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