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Friday, July 19, 2013

All Caught Up and Up-to-Date!!! My New Way to do Project Life!

And when my article about my non- traditional way of doing Project Life hits the shelves in the current issue of Somerset Life, I'm going to show you my new way to do it!! :)

I know you won't be surprised about that if you know me, as you know I am nourished by the creative process itself.

So while the concept of this article and the general ideas explained in it and in all of my previous posts are still valid, the method I use to do Project Life now is totally different, and I am now all caught up and up to date to this very day. And I now do it daily, no less!

Thanks Christen and all of her staff for this lovely layout with my photography!

What's new is that I now go completely digital.

The pros:

1. This allows even more simplicity compared to the previous method, and no supplies at all!

2. I save space (the volume of the pages I have done so far, in a traditional way using cards, tickets, adhesive tape and staples, would be much, much bigger). All of my pages will be printed and kept together in a normal ring binder at the end of the year).

3. I can do it at night before going to bed, and I don't need natural light.

4. When I am super tired, I just have to put the date on the page and some photographs and save, and then I can add the writing/tags and edit the day after, with the help of my daily diary/gratitude Journal/ IG. When I was super tired with the previous method, I didn't have the strenght to do even a teeny tiny page or print a photograph. And I preferred to do it in natural light, so had to do it after lunch (during my break).

5. As I'm going to move several times over the summer, I don't need to bring stuff along with me, just my computer/printer/scanner which have to follow me in any case.

6. As my goal was to DO Project Life all the year round, this method allows me to, and I really enjoy it, without missing a day.

7. Unexpectedly, I do this muuuch quicker than before, so I actually sit at the table less (even if it's computer work, but actually relaxes me as it's not work!). 

8. As making art on a daily basis is my professional career, you bet my way to relax and clear my mind is not to stay knee deep in pens, papers, craft/art tools and so on,  but to go out in nature or for a drive or on an antique/thrifting expedition instead. So I don't need yet another craft project, I only want to preserve memories and feelings. I don't care about the "form" of this project, what I love is its "essence".

My method:

1. I use a ready- made document layout from "Pages" (in my Mac). I just change pictures and layout and font and size. It can be done on a normal PC also, using "Word" or any other application to compose a document. 

2. I start each month with the name of the month, which appears on the footer of the page too.

3. I add a blank page at the end of the document each month where I can jot down facts and things as they happen.

4. I tend to use lots of pictures but not too small, usually 3-4 each page maximum 5.

5. I scan tickets, etc. so they won't take space (the original ones I put in the recycling bin).

6. I scanned the tags I had created that I use digitally instead of attaching them to the pages with staples or adhesive tape.

7. I use often the word I have chosen to live inspired by this year- MOVE.

8. I am really trying to keep this in italian, as it's my first language and I rarely use it (I tend to always write in English). I write down lots of emotions so I prefer to keep my Project Life private (that's why all of these pictures are edited in Photoshop).

9. And yes, I do also capture the "sad" and "uncomfortable" moments, as here below when I was exhausted and a bit emotional in my car filled to the brim with things to move for several times from one house to the other. I am not numbing my emotions anymore, and try to let them always wash over me.

Hope this sparks your interest and maybe inspires you to try PL if you haven't, as of yet. I am so, so happy that I'm doing PL this year, as otherwise I'd have lost many memories and feelings, powerful ideas and inspiration along the way.
Monica x


  1. Magari fossi capace anch'io di un lavoro così a computer!A world of inspirations...but I'll pack a suitcase full of everything I need for my "handmade"journal on holiday!
    I'm a follower of Federica "CountryKitty", too; You met her,probably!Good!

  2. Franca,
    oui :) She's one of my dearest friends! :)
    Hugs to you,
    Monica xo

  3. yes I really must get my printer working! it can do so many things!! lovely to see your journal pages, Heather x

  4. Looking great and professional! Very personal idea. :)

  5. wow lots of changes here Monica, all is as beautiful as ever. glad you are out there doing. I know you have so many stories and somehow you take us with you. think of you often my friend, hugs,


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