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Friday, May 24, 2013

Vintage, Handmade Gorgeousness!

Today you're in for a treat!!
On Tuesday, I met Victoria of Found and Sewn. She has an open studio during the Oxfordshire Art Week, so I just had to go and finally meet her after we've been blog friends for a few years now!

I drove across green, sienna and yellow fields and up and down country roads, and finally entered the magnificent garden of an old school house, my heart beating fast with anticipation.
A fabulous garden shed painted in blue and cream, filled with all kind of handmade and vintage gorgeousness, and adorned with a cheery bunting, welcomed me...

And so I met darling Victoria, and as it had already happened before when I met another special blog friend, we both felt like we had been friends forever!
I had no doubts, though, after reading experiences of this kind on several blogs. The kindred spirits that you call "friends" online, those that are part of your online community, become friends in the offline life too. It's just because of the true essence of friendship (which I believe is spiritual), which trascends the physical world.

I had picked wildflowers especially for her that very morning, and arranged a posy tied in ribbon and a vintage, hand- embroidered doily.

Victoria creations are beautiful- I especially loved to see them displayed among vintage finds and precious family heirlooms (cannot believe I haven't taken a picture of her Grandmother's sewing machine and scissors!!)

I used a free texture from Kim Klassen to edit this portrait of Victoria.

And after all of the yumminess in her open studio, we chatted happily for a while over tea and cake. Victoria's Mum collects odd pieces of vintage china, isn't this teapot in blue and white sooo pretty?
The perfect ending of a fabulous day!

If you're in Oxfordhire, Victoria's show is up until the 27. Or you can read her blog and see her creations at  Found and Sewn.
Monica x


  1. How wonderful! Such a sweet location and the prettiest creations. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. She is soo pretty too:) had to say..life's too short to not say what you are thinking:)

    Pretty shop and your bouquet is lovely..A great day I can tell:)

  3. Blogging friends are so fun! Glad you had a wonderful visit. She has such lovely treasures.

  4. Such pretty things! Love those little purses...so cute. The flower bouguet you took her is so pretty. What a nice time :)

  5. I really like your post always good to meet a blogfriend darling !! so nice !!!...i see them always in our shop....also fb friends.....lovely weekend...xxx..

  6. How lovely Victoria's work is. I'm sure she loved that pretty bouquet you took her.

  7. What an amazing place, love each and every photo! Will definitely pay her a visit, thanks for sharing the beauty.

  8. Good Morning Monica!

    Isn't it the best thing ever to meet a beloved blogger?! I have met some of my blog friends and become life long friends with them. I have teamed up with one of them and we now share a blog, Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie. We just recently decided on our new name. It's an excited world of wonderful people out there just waiting for our friendship!

    Bisous, Edie Marie

  9. So lovely that you two got to meet and enjoy some precious time together.
    Hugs to you,

  10. Thank you, Monica: it's as if I am in Oxfordshire among Victoria's treasures!
    Happy Sunday

  11. How delightful to meet another blog friend! Just love it, and have a few that I am quite close with! Such a joy! She does charming and lovely work! I know your time together was rich indeed.

    Hugs to you!

  12. You have definitely found bliss with your move to England! I am so happy for you!

  13. Hi Monica. It was so lovely to meet you last week! Thanks for this lovely post on my exhibition...I still have the wild flowers bouquet on display. Thank you
    Victoria xxx

  14. So beautiful collections, and such wonderful photoes Monica!And such a lovely meeting with a friend- Must have been a gorgeous day,dear !!

  15. I'm English,it's nice to hear someone make such lovely comments .
    I'm off now to look at Victoria's shop

  16. Thank you for taking me along. So much beauty, and it is captured perfectly in your photos.

    I am in love with Victoria's purses.


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