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Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Make Art.

When I'm reflective, I make art.

When I'm angry, overwhelmed, and the world tries to knock me down, I make art.

When my heart explodes with joy, I make art.

When I feel vulnerable, I make art.

When I have ideas swirling in my head, that make it spin like crazy, I stop, breathe, and make art. 

Art re- centers me, saves me, gives me a perfectly imperfect balance, and I have started to accept that, as an Artist, I cannot have a "normal", balanced life. That's not wrong at all, and there's nothing wrong with me because my life is not balanced.

When the canvas is calling, there's nothing else I can do- I have to answer. And shine.

Monica x


  1. Truly beautiful. I love the way the birds are illustrated over a written page.
    Surely I have joined you before as a follower but just in case I have joined again

  2. Your art pages are so beautiful, Monica...I also LOVE your birds on the old book pages-you use your colours to create gorgeous art!!

  3. Monica,
    I found myself needing to re-centre today. For me, it was getting some fresh air, potting up a few pansies,and sipping camomile tea. How satisfying it must be to make art.

  4. We can draw our life with words and colours and everybody can be an artist... but you are Monica!

  5. You live by your heart, and we are all blessed with your creativity.


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