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Monday, May 20, 2013

Found Beauty: my First Yard Sales!

This weekend I have experimented something totally new to me- yard sales (these don't exist in Italy). Even if I had read extensively about them and actually have lived them for years vicariously through you, dear blog friends, I must admit this was super exciting.
I always love to try new things. You never know, you might find a new passion... or just say it isn't for you. 

I desperately needed a vintage suitcase to store my canvases. Plus it's blue. Yes- the Universe does listen!

Hand- embroidered pictures and pillow. So country and cottage-y!

I didn't know I loved this kind of pictures. I have always had art on our walls since I was little (my Grandfather was an award- winning painter), and never something embroidered, actually. But when I spotted these at the yard sale, I was charmed. Truth is, I have felt all of the love, passion, patience that went into them, and just had to give them a new, appreciative home.
Now that they're on the walls, I can't stop staring at them! And often, I send out in the ether a silent thank you to the person who made them.

I've wanted a rocking horse for more than one decade now, since the time I have started the inner excavation following the guidance of Simple Abundance, learned more about myself and discovered my real taste. At that time, I had no idea I liked old toys (as I had absolutely no idea about several other things, like for example which my favorite color was!). Now I know- old toys speak to me. Especially when they are well loved.

So when yesterday (what a lucky Sunday!) off I went on a solo drive towards an unknown destination, for my second yard sale ever, the last thing I expected to find was a vintage rocking horse (with a yard- sale price tag, of course)!

Beaming with joy through my sunglasses!!!!

In the end, here's what I've learnt from my first experience with garage/yard sales:
1. That I love the "hunt" (well I had no doubts!:)).
2. Thay you are supposed to run, hence better to wear comfortable shoes.
3. That some people look very professional "hunters" and come in groups (ugh!), and are kind of hoarders, while I do prefer a solitary and relaxing hunt for things that I really need or make my heart sing.
4. That it's nice to leave something pretty for who's coming next.
5. That a grateful heart for what the Universe has put out there for you to find is essential. And a fun happy dance afterwards is definitely required.
Monica x


  1. I love your finds Monica, congrats to you having a great time, being grateful and finding lovely things.

  2. welcome to our world! :-) I'm assuming this was in UK? the clue of course is the price in pounds .. tons of fun to be had and nice of you to leave something pretty behind for me .. I can definitely do the happy dance when warrented!
    Wanda in New Hampshire, USA

  3. Monica..we both just did the same thing:) On our own:)

    I love stitchery too BTW.

  4. Is a yard sale equivalent to garage sale ? In that case, this do not exist in France as well.
    There are flea markets organised by the municipalities (often in the heart of the city) and everyone can have a booth in the street for a small fee and sell their junk.
    I like the rocking horse and the vintage suitcase.

  5. The old things are often precious treasures of the soul,I think.

  6. Well I must say you did very well...newbie or not!! Its addictive I will warn you!! All the best,Chrissy

  7. Oh the thrill of your first sale! Great treasures you found that touched your heart.

    What shall you name your horse?

  8. I rarely go to yard sales, but when I do, I prefer going alone. You found some beautiful things - hooray!

  9. lovely finds! I used to love doing tapestries when I was little,very relaxing actually. And that horse! he's great, you could decorate him with flowers now and again. By the way Bloglovin isn't letting me go into the comments on your blog, it's been like that for a few times now? I had to come out of the Bloglovin reader to comment. Heather x

  10. Heather,
    have no idea why. I've tried to switch the comment settings to pop up window, let's see if it works!


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