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Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Life: March, Part One.

Scilla picked for me by my Mom and Dad.

Meeting the dearest friend I have in Italy before I moved, and exchanging little gifts.

Capturing the moment with portraits of our feet.

Mom's daffs and blue sky. Oh joy.

Sorting out my wardrobe...

Snowdrops from my Mom.

Baking bread. In my PL books, I jot down experimental recipes too, and as usual, I write my journals in a mix of two languages ;)

Me, laughing silly with my hubby.

Gardening love.

March has been quite a hectic month for me, among deadlines and preparing for Surtex, a milestone birthday which had me reflect on the years passed by, returning to one blog only once again and reposting more than 50 posts here, packing and putting everything in storage with the rest of our belongings (and leaving out just what fitted two suitcases to move with us, as for now), doing the last minute things, arriving in a freezing and iced England in a short term accomodation until we find something long term suitable for us, ice everywhere and being stuck at home with no food, an unexpected problem arising and on and on. You bet I've been quite stressed, and that's why I gave myself permission to take a break from everything! PL included. Also because I haven't my printer with me, and it ended up being quite a mess to have my pictures printed (more below). Made the above pages  before I moved, and as you can see, they're pretty much the same style I have previously shared on my blog.

Let's dive a bit deeper into what I've learned so far.

1. This is the very first time I get behind since I have started, so what I'm doing? I'm taking it easy, first and foremost! Then, I have made albums in Iphoto, one per month, and put there the pictures I want to print. So when I'll have my printer again (very soon), what I have to do is to just print! Easy peasy.
To keep track of what happened, I have the daily (written) journals I usually write at the end of each day, but you can jot down very quick notes on a normal agenda if you don't keep a diary.

2. I'm making more and more use of quick Iphone shots I snap here and there during my days. I have given myself permission to leave home my heavy camera gear more often when I'm not working, so my  Iphone has become a faithful friend, and that way, I keep track of everything I do (plus, it's so much fun!).

3. I'm going to have my printer with me soon, and I'm willing to continue printing on demand at home. I thought I could do easily PL even without it, having my photos printed somewhere (there are plenty of online services out there!) but in the end, I found it all quite annoying. First of all, printing at home I usually print every two days or so. I may not have the time to sit down with PL, but at least I have the pictures I want to include printed, and then, when I have time, all I have to do is cut them and compose the pages. But if you have your images printed by a photo printing service, this is not doable at all. You should wait and have more than a few pictures printed each time, so I realized it's much better to print at home to stay on track.
Also, I always want to include a mix of Iphone shots and normal pictures from my camera, and it's quite the mess! With my printer, I don't have any problem mixing formats and then cut them with a cutter.

4. I'm still sticking to my method I explained here and here and here.

5. I have shifted the "This month" list of happenings at the beginning of each month, so I can jot down things as they happen instead of having to wait until the end of the month and maybe forget something.

Will be back with the rest of the March pages as soon as possible. They'll be several pages actually, considering the number of pictures I've taken since we moved! :))
Will tell you more about "catching up" when I'm done.

Monica x


  1. It is good you are having a breather, loving the photos. The scillas in my garden are amazing this year! Hugs catherine x

  2. I love all of these photos, the spring flowers are beautiful and wonderful that they are gifts from your mom. Thank you for sharing it with us, especially through such a busy time, you have a lot going on!
    Hope you're having moments of peace and relaxation too :)

  3. Your photos are the great ingredients
    of living with a smile...in spite of all the cares of everyday life.
    Good evening

  4. I absolutely love your blog..your photos and your thoughts. The design of the blog is wonderful and when I see the message that a new entry in online..I rush to see it. I thank you for your inspiration and your authenticity.

  5. You do need time to breathe, my friend. You have to give yourself permission to just "be". I understand transitions in life, as well as rough patches, but it's cyclical. You have to remind yourself that the easy days will come, too. In the mean time, take time to smell the roses and count the little blessings in each day because little things add up to big things.

    A belated Happy Birthday to you...



  6. yes slowly but surely it will all come together! I like your printing ideas. I'm one of those people who has never had a photo printed, at all! I would like to start, perhaps a home printer might be easy, when i have so many. Thanks for the ideas, all the best, Heather x

  7. Take deep breaths and relax. Enjoy every day. All things come in time.

  8. Hello dear friend, I am playing catch up today, taking time to let my heart try to heal from yesterdays sad events. So I come to you and find that you have moved to England. When did this happen? Was it March? I will need your mailing address, please. Have you found a home yet? I bet your mother misses you very much. Please greet her for me. It is still to cold to garden here. We are having a very strange Spring. I do hope all is well with you. Teddy sends his puppy dog kisses to you. Love , Sharon


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