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Monday, March 4, 2013

Project Life: Two Months In.

Reposting this from my other blog. Several people told me they missed everything I shared there, so here's my Project Life 2013 for you all!  

Scary times this month when I experimented a drug allergy- it was no fun
and I had to stay quiet and rest for two days!
But I then treated me to my favorite magazine and primroses.
And my new washi tape arrived in the mail. Happy.
My Mom's daffs on the balcony.

My Valentines bouquet. Love.

I jot down experimental recipes too.
As usual, my journals are written in a mix of English and Italian :)

My Valentine with his Love Wand (and chocolates!:))

Hard to see as I write in pencil, but there's journaling on the right side of the pic.

Art Journaling, and notes to myself I save from the bin.

I'm so in love with this cover!

Nature walks where I used to stroll Kim, self portraits, snow still on the ground, warm sunshine and squirrels. Bliss.

Two months into this project... and still hugely loving it! I love it so much that I've also started variations of it! Will tell you another time about them.
Still sticking to my method, which works for now. Here are the new discoveries I made along the way:
1. I have seen that I'll likely fill in one composition book in 4 months. So every year, I should expect to have 3 books to store away.
2. This project requires total commitment. You have to commit to not get yourself behind.
I don't keep track of happenings, I just go through PL in a very relaxed way, printing my photos and cutting them every 2-4 days (so that I have at least 4 to print on the same sheet to not waste it), and attaching them to the album. I usually don't edit my photos but if required, it doesn't take too much time (at least for me who use Photoshop every single day!). I add pre-made tags and words immediately, and continue doing PL after lunch. That is a good time for me, while I relax a bit before starting to work again.
3. I can see that if you don't keep it purposely cheap, you can spend a fortune in scrapbooking supplies. And I have found out that I love it to be very simple, or I am sure I'll get behind in the attempt of making everything perfect. Instead, the purpose of this project for me is just to keep memories alive and have my photos in a "paper" format.
4. I don't journal that much and I don't describe photos, they speak for themselves. I prefer adding thoughts and feelings, or simple notes. When I try a good recipe, or create a new one, I jot it down on my PL book too, so I can find it later on.
5. I prefer to keep my books private, as I add personal notes about feelings, lesson learned, daily blessings. No one but me (and my husband) read my books so I don't care they are publication-worthy or not. I use staples and normal adhesive tape together with prettier washi tape- but doing this project with much love, it naturally ends up being totally pretty! :)
6. This is a perfect way to get those digital photos out of the computer! I have found myself just recently perusing my ginormous archive in search of a particular set of shots. And I found endless ones that I even didn't remember I had taken!! It was such a pleasure seeing them again, and with PL my hubby can see them too (otherwise they're stored on my computer I work with all day, and he can see just the occasional ones I remember to send him), and we can remember together this and that. Digital photography is great but I really missed having something to handle, to flip through on a lazy day and to look at when I am a bit blue or under the weather.
7. I use the same homespun tags again and again. They help me coordinate my pages beautifully, and speed up the process. I really believe this project could easily become overwhelming and stressful if you don't keep it super simple, and one of my ways to keep it simple is using the same supplies all over the books. I can change colors of the washi tape/tags but the words I use are more or less the same- I love how it turned out. Moreover, mixed colors and general disharmony can drive me really crazy, so I keep all coordinated and very tidy/clean (so me, as my "signature style" suggests). I believe everyone should stick as much as possible to their signature style, to manage keeping PL.
8. I continue to do PL seeing life through my own eyes, so I record only what happens to me. My husband appears frequently of course, but I don't keep record of what he does or happens when we aren't together. Just some quick notes in the "this month" page at the end of each month.
9. Even if I live a very quiet life, I can still fill in several pages each month! So don't be discouraged if this project appeals you but you don't have children, don't go out etc. There are plenty of fabulous things to be grateful for (and celebrate)! Bulbs showing up from the cold soil, a colored envelope peeping out of your mailbox, a bunch of twigs from the woods, a delicious, smelling- good soup, a crackling fire, puppy kisses, and on and on and on.
10. This project works like a gratitude journal for me, as I really can become counscious of my daily blessings doing it.
Hope you've started your PL! What are you waiting for??
Monica x