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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Project Life.

I seriously fell in love with Project Life (a simplified way of memory keeping, a simple approach to scrapbooking, developed by Becky Higgins) after seeing Pam's and Alisa's books. The first one is how it should be, with all the proper page protectors and binder (even if she doesn't use the complete ready made kit); the latter is a different take on the same project.
I really wanted to give it a go, but refrained myself for some reasons, the first of which is surely I cannot add yet another project to my already full plate. Moreover, you can already find me sitting at my worktable or office desk all day long. I definitely don't need something that keeps me sitting there for more hours than I have to in my long working days!

This year my word is "move".  Besides meaning changing posture or position (something that I really really need to do for my back and general well being), "move" suggests starting off, prompting to an action, and dislodging from a fixed point of view. Sooo you won't be surprised to hear that I decided to join the Project Lifers out there and start!

My book won't be stylish, won't be an art or scrapbook journal. Or better, it will be artful in a very simple way. As I crave for simplicity in my own life, my Project Life Journal must reflect that.

I keep my PL limited supplies into my portable inspiration station!

Simple kraft paper to prettify the ugly cover of a normal composition book.
No pressure to make it perfect, no stress to decide which supplies to use to obtain a certain look or which size I have to print my photos, no more stuff to buy, no fixed number of pages and lines of text. 
I opted for something so very me, a simple composition book, covered in kraft paper. Super cheap ( so I can use my piggy bank money for art supplies, books or just fresh flowers!), super plain, super easy to bring along with me wherever I want.

I use washi tape or normal adhesive tape to speed up the process. I need it to be quick, not stressful. And yep! I always write my journals with a pencil :)
I'll just keep going daily, weekly or simply monthly, it doesn't matter. I already work under deadlines all year round, and I want this project to be very relaxing. It's all about keeping memories in a creative way, for me. I want to just move in that direction.

I printed a pic of my art journal spread about my little word for 2013.
I bet some of you too have heard of PL and wanted to start, but maybe you've thought (as I have) that you didn't have time, you didn't have memories enough to fill in a book. Well, my life is absolutely not what most of the people consider exciting, but to me it is- I love it and want to remember and celebrate it!! I live a very quiet, domestic life, meditative, in contact with nature, and I rarely go out to eat, and never to parties, events etc. but I can still fill in pages and pages and pages anyway. In my PL journals, I'll celebrate the everyday, my feelings, my ideas; I'll keep tickets, anything I refuse to throw away like little notes, lists, adhesives, tags, business cards etc; my PL will record this life as I see it through my eyes, my lens, my mind, my senses.

In my journal, I celebrate simple things as my pile of finished artworks, my brand- new watercolor tubes, cheery faces (tulips) and my pink hyacynths sprouting up! Yay!

I keep into my journal an envelope with tags to add here and there. These are from the Preserve Labelling kit by CK and by my friend Catherine at Bumpkin and post-its by Kirstie Allsopp.
And you- are you a Project Lifer?
Monica x