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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Word for 2013.

My first art journal page for 2013.
As January starts off, and a new year begins to unfold, I am inviting a new word to come into my life. As I wrote before, truth is that I don't choose my word, but it actually chooses me. At the very end of 2012, when I had already chosen another word, out of the blue MOVE  knocked at my door, in form of an idea during an inspiring conversation with my DH. And, after a few seconds of great surprise (as it was something I had never even considered), with open heart and mind, I smiled at the Universe and gladly welcomed it in.

    Move as making progress, advancing.

    Move, as going forward; following a course; progressing toward a particular state or condition.

    Move, as starting off.

    Move, as being active; changing posture or position; setting or keeping in motion.

    Move, as exhibiting great activity or energy; initiating an action; acting.

    Move, as stirring the emotions; exciting or provoking to the expression of an emotion.

    Move, as prompting to an action; rousing.

    Move, as dislodging from a fixed point of view.

    Move, as going from one residence or location to another; relocating.

That's how I am going to live twenty-thirteen. I honestly can't wait. Since I started choosing a single word to live by, opting for simplicity and harmony instead of pressure and stress (let's face it, we all know what happens to those endless lists of resolutions...), my life has improved. I have become a better me and magic never failed to manifest in my life, thanks to those little words.

... What about you? Are you welcoming a powerful, teeny tiny word into your life this year?
Monica x

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