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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Priorities Have Shifted...

The other day, while I was doing a much needed clean- up on my dashboard, I accidentally deleted one of my latest posts. As I had no time at all to assemble it again, that brought to my attention the fact that I haven't shared here yet a substantial shift of my priorities.
My creative biz has shifted to a "higher energy level" (I'll tell you more another time), so to speak, and so did my priorities. I finally felt I was ready to say a loud, big YES to what is calling me deeply. Since, much to my disappointment, I can't do it all, I now dedicate all of my energies and time to produce new, fresh art... (creating and photographing as I go).

Painting has always represented such a vital part of my being, since I was a little girl, that I cannot ignore it anymore. After it has been my greatest love (and everyday activity, with one medium or another) for 30 years, at a certain point of my life I started to doubt, and was pulled in many other directions. But my 'call' for painting was much stronger. My 'mission' in life started to become clearer and clearer to me.

Other big changes are awaiting me in the near future (geographical, cultural, organizational, emotional) and I must simplify my life. I've dedicated a tremendous amount of time to my blog over the past years, and that certainly has helped me to build up community. Hence the fact my blog's very dear to my heart. Exactly like you all are.
But in this transition of my life, I must simplify as much as I can, to stay sane and serene (as it greatly reflects on my work). I don't know which direction my blog will take, how frequent my posts will be, but it's my firm intention to stay open- minded and true to my heart.

This move, with all of its problems and delays, has certainly given me a wonderful gift. I've had much time to pay attention to my inner voice, to finally be able to listen, to cultivate my passion and grow.

No doubt I'll continue updating my blog, to create and share, also tutorials when I find some spare time... and I will try my best to return your kind visits and nice words of support. My sincere apologies in advance if I cannot. I prefer to offer to you all some new contents and inspiration here than to visit only a few of you (... again, I can't do it all!). You are always very welcome to drop me an email if you have something to ask or tell me. I always answer to personal emails (but please allow me some time to). Unfortunately I doubt I'll join the weekly parties anymore... thanks to the nice ladies that kindly invited me, I'm sorry not to be able to join you. But I'll surely visit when I can.
Some of you already know that I suffer from chronic migraines with vomit, and unfortunately keeping the same position with my neck all day long doesn't help. I must go out and walk more, relax more, when I have time. I need to work on my well- being... I know that my health will improve if I put my mind to it and pay more attention to my body. Like now. I have been sitting here at the computer for too long! ... Also, my watercolor box is calling my name. L.O.U.D.

Thanks for listening and for being there!
Monica x

Friday, November 25, 2011

Found Beauty #7- Pointe Shoes.

My newest vintage treasures... the ruby red pointe shoes, worn in the Wizard of Oz ballet, have such a special charm, haven't they?

"Learn by practice."
Martha Graham.
Monica x

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Found Beauty #6- Antique Treasures.

Over the past month, I surely fattened my collection of antique treasures!
Would you like to sneak a peek at my finds?
Divine French and Italian linens, magistrally hand- embroidered...

... doilies and lace...

... Italian photographs and a box crammed full of vintage sewing essentials...

... rusty scissors, MOP buttons and leather measuring tape...

Aren't these children and puppy adorable?

Love the two ladies in their elegant attires...

The backs are often as stunning as the fronts!

... Linen galore! Pillow cases, face cloths, hand towels, nightgowns, bedlinen...

and some antique bloomers too!! Such amazing pieces...and I didn't spend a fortune to have them. The lady at the antique market told me no one wants these things anymore! ... Are you kiddin' me??? I. want. them. all!!! :)

I plan on actually using the face cloths (they're way too gorgeous to cut!) and some of the other pieces will become adorable doll clothes, hearts, bookcovers and pillows similar to these below I have previously made, that I love to scatter all around my home. 

These pillow covers were a gift, they have our initials... MG. I like to keep many cushions on our bed, on a rigorously white duvet cover/ bedspread. Nothing is as charming, romantic and elegant as white on white, I think.

Hope your week started off nicely!

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Monica x

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Scarves!

Sold- Thank you!

Sold- Thank you!

Available now in my shop.
Happy Sunday!
Monica x
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Since I Have a New Sewing Machine...

... I must put it to good use!:)
I really started itching to do some sewing... and because of the move, I haven't my sewing machine with me. My Mom doesn't sew, and for her needs my Grandmother's one, not electric, is enough. But it looks like I'm completely clumsy when using it. I actually love her vintage charm, but when it comes to pedal, I really cannot do that!:(
So when I spotted a Singer (we've always used Singers in our family) at the supermarket, I didn't give it a second thought and brought it home for a song. In the end, instead of reducing the amount of my stuff, I will have two sewing machines- one for fabric, the other one for my mixed media projects, to sew on materials different from fabric. Have I ever mentioned that my first sewing machine ever (my MIL had given to me) exploded right in front of my face???? I think I was so willing to learn, that the engine overheated :) Fortunately, I came out unhurt (but scared to death for sure!).
The one that I have in storage at the moment is a very basic model, and so is this second one I have just purchased, except for the additional 'buttonhole maker' which surely is a treat. I don't need (nor want) anything electronic... In my humble opinion, super-techno equipments aren't a must to be able to do nice things. Passion, love, care and excercise can do wonders!
Below you can see my first creation with my new toy. I wanted to give a special book to a dear friend, and couldn't help making a little additional treat for her...

A bookcover made out of a chic, striped French linen, embellished with vintage crocheted lace and finished off with vintage MOP buttons. I used twine instead of ribbon to give a French feel to it. Love how it turned out.

Simple Abundance has a special meaning for me, it helped me start my path towards intentional, authentic living and self-discovery... and it's beautiful when I can share its message with someone dear to me.

As you can see, I also purchased polka- dotted linen, and of course, I will make more of these, for some of my books that are still in need of a cover.
Have a fantastic weekend, creative and relaxing, my friends and dear readers. See you soon!
Monica x

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Owe a Huge Thank You to...

1. Romantic Homes!! That featured my blog with three of my pictures, in the October issue! Many thanks Romantic Homes!

2. Beth Livesay, that wrote the cutest words about me, you did such a wonderful job and made me very happy :) Thanks a lot, dear Beth!

3. My friend June, that was so kind to give me her copy of the magazine, since I hadn't received my complimentary copy, and was so incredibly thoughtful to wrap it beautifully, adding one of her handmade fabric tags... I will cherish it forever, dear June! Thank you, thank you.

4. Darling Suzanne, my italian friend in Georgia, who sent me three of her amazingly gorgeous flowers I won from her a while back. Love to use them to keep together my collections of antique papers. Grazie, Suzanne!

And finally, wonderful sunshine here, today! Have you spotted a cheery beam in my pictures?;)
Monica x

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Days.

Hi all! Hope you're enjoying Fall as much as I am.
This year I kept my decor very simple- a single pumpkin, laid on a gorgeous primitive quilt I purchased from Isabelle (that was parting with it to tidy up her little cottage) on my plaid vintage suitcase, and a little bunch of mums.

The mums match the dark red of the blocks beautifully...

I love Autumn for that sweet sense of home it evokes... I like gazing at the flames, happily crackling in the fireplace... with a blanket on my knees, my dog snoring at my feet and a good book or journal... waiting to savor the roasted chestnuts!

I love the cooler temperatures, and to finally be able to wear my all-shades-of-cream woolen sweaters...

Kim is enjoying Fall as well... In my spare time, I am sewing her a waterproof coat lined with tartan. She was modeling some different fabrics when I took this photo! I even managed to bake (my version of) pumpkin pie...

Happy Fall weekend everyone!
Monica x