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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A New Toy!

Just popped in to show what I had from my Valentine ;))
My hubby knew that while moving, what I most needed was a laptop! And here it is... I am a Mac girl since 2007, so I'm used to the magic of Apple already! But working on this is fantastic... truly.

I enjoyed blogging from it last week, while packing the last things around home...

I* am* in* love!!;)) Thanks honey ♡

I'm glad to report that I survived the first part of the move (our belongings put in storage) and now am struggling with the last things to be done here at the old property (lots of cleaning and still many things to throw away!). I am borrowing internet connection, I have to set up my own yet. So please apologies if I cannot visit you during these days. I can't wait to finally relax, begin a new chapter of my life, and catch up with you all!
Monica x

Monday, February 21, 2011

On Flexibility and About the Move.

The day has finally come: 7 months, 382 boxes/pieces of furniture, 1000 m./1100 yards of bubble wrap (I wrapped everything except the dog!LOL) , 72 rolls of adhesive tape, and countless cellophane bags later... we are ready to move!
I am so tired that I really need some rest. I need to wake up to a tidy home, I need to be pampered a bit... I did an incredible job almost all by myself (let's say I had a little help to throw things away and dismantle furniture ;)), first and foremost because I find it very difficult to delegate. The second obvious reason is that no one else would have been able to handle such ginormous amount of (my) stuff!:((
I'm not kidding, I have been an inveterate keeper for years. And several of the things I had kept were not usable/necessary/my taste anymore! Oh my gosh it was hard job, but I feel completely pleased with what I did, and I am pretty sure I will be much happier with less!

Kim helped alot, with her sweetness and calmness, always close to me! (Sorry, the carpet is a true horror to look at, but hey, who has a pristine home while moving? ;)).

Tomorrow our belongings (except essentials, which for me, apart from personal accessories and clothes, include: camera, a good selection of art supplies, vintage papers, my favorite books, some precious gifts from dear friends, heating pads, a couple of journals, my orchids, my latest sketchbooks, a quilt- cannot bring along the sewing machine, it requires alot of other things to sew and I want my poor hands to rest!) will be put in storage for some months. Until we find a new nest.
Honestly, I would have never thought to accept such a compromise. I am more of a 'white or black person', I didn't accept that 'our things' could be stay anywhere else than with us! My precious memories, objects, supplies... That had put me and my dear ones under considerable pressure, and I didn't see light anywhere.

But I had faith. And then all of a sudden, I have been given flexibility! Flexibility about the quantity of the stuff to bring with us, flexibility to separate from our belongings for a while, flexibility about having to stay at my parents' and not in a house of our own, flexibility about where to rent (my hubby has to be happy too!), flexibility about having to maybe stay in a b&b or holiday home for some time until we find something we both really like and right for us, flexibility about the new house... And all started to work out!
I prayed and prayed for a solution, because I came to the conclusion that the 'real' problem was me. Things couldn't work out in any possible way with me and my stuff chained up! And without a flexible attitude towards life.
When I saw Kim so peaceful and relaxed, I understood that I really don't need any-thing to be happy! Well, let's say just a few little things :) I was a bit concerned about not having all my supplies with me, because being highly creative, I can easily go crazy if I don't create! My friend Isabel, over at Maison Douce, wisely suggested to bring along one or two things only to do, and I chose to dedicate the upcoming months to expand my art portfolio...

And I realized that there's also a great pleasure in having to feather corners of your home completely anew! So I donated, sold and threw away several of the things I had thought to bring along with me, and I told my hubby that I agreed to put all the rest in storage, so that we would be free to move and find the 'right' place without hurrying and making mistakes (see last time we looked for a house). It will be easier to relocate without 300+ boxes to think of.

We will be living at my parents' home for a while, until temperatures rise. Please be patient with me, I will reveal things as soon as they happen. I really hate to say something and then the contrary, but there are periods of your life when you actually aren't sure of anything! And people around you would like to know and keep asking. So you have to say a little bit every now and then... ;))
Off to rest. Tomorrow will be a tiring day.
Monica x.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I Made for my Valentine ♡

Do you want to see my gifts for my DH? Hehe, I do know you want!:) I always find it difficult to make/buy 'male' gifts. I want them to be useful, and not too girly... so pretty colors, lace, beads and frills have to be banished!;)
Here is my presentation...

... I simply tied up the boxes in bakers twine and added huge heart- shaped marshmallows!

The gifts are actually the boxes. My husband has a collection of Swatch watches I have given him over the years, and he uses them every day. They are not precious if not for our hearts, but he hadn't a secure place where to put them, tidy and protected. Sooo I thought this was the best chance I had, having to move, to make something nice for that purpose!
I had saved two sturdy boxes from the bin, that I completely covered in original vintage paper and embellished with vintage images printed on fabric. The writings: HANDSOME and SO CLASSY finished them off to perfection.

I chose two symbols of male elegance (in my hubby's style and mine ;)): 'handsome' Cary Grant and... any of you ladies recognize the man on the left of the second pic?? (Revealed below ;))

I used red and white bakers twine to make a heart on the inside of the lid, and added a little message for my DH to enjoy each and every time he uses his watches.

The 'so classy' man on the left is English tennis player Fred Perry, famous for his elegant white sports clothes.

Inside both of the boxes, I created a soft cushion for the watches to rest on.

Monica x.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Vintage Valentines.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Here are some of my favorite Valentines from my extensive collection. 
I've been enamoured with Valentines since I was a young girl at school- born and raised in Italy, that was such a strange thing, because Valentines are not common at all over here! 
I began collecting them only a few years ago, while in Boston in 2008, and when I started blogging my collection started to grow as well. My dearest friends and some of my faithful readers blessed me with Valentines every now and then, knowing I love them and vintage postcards! THANK*YOU!
Moreover, I've been so lucky to dig out a whole lot of French postcards while 'tresure hunting', and many Valentines were included.
Should you fancy to take a peek at other pieces of my collection, even if I couldn't add those I have acquired over the last year, refer to this post.

Hope you have a love- filled day!
Monica x.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Precious {Pink} Stuff #2.

This week, my pink contribution for Pink Saturday is one of my rag dolls, Rosanna, that was especially designed for Valentine's Day. Hope my new readers will enjoy meeting her for the first time, and my old friends seeing her again as much as I do! I always plan to make something new and 'stuffed' for Valentine's Day, but this year, because of the move, I had to give up.

Rosanna wears pieces of a favorite worn out pink sweater of mine. See.. never toss anything! ;))

Details of the tag and button heart...

As Rosanna made her debut in the fabulous magazine Art Doll Quarterly last year (... and for that I am still grateful to Jana Holstein, that made a dream of mine become true!), hubby and I have decided that she had to remain with us! :)

Don't forget to visit darling Beverly's blog to meet all the other Pinkies today! Think Pink, it's a good thing!;)
Monica x.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tendre Souvenirs.

In order to escape a wee bit from all the craziness of my last 12 days in this house, I am sharing some little things I made lately, between boxes to be filled and things to be organized.
I had some presents to wrap, so I thought I'd add a touch of care to their presentation creating cotton sachets...

Vintage images were printed on fabric and applied to easy-and-quick- to-make sachets, with free stitching. A lovely sentiment, finished off with tiny buttons, was the cherry on the cake.

I wrapped each gift in tulle or vintage pattern paper, included a tiny bunch of dried lavender I grew in my garden, a 'wish' ticket, and much love!

I used these sachets to 'dress' the pink tartan hearts I added as last minute gifts to my giveaway last November. They already reached Claudia and Ria, who were the two lucky winners, so I can show them here for you to enjoy too! 

Bye for now, talk to you again soon (... thanks for being there!).
Monica x.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Green Craft? Oh Yeah.

You all know I have a thing for eco- chic projects... so I'm always flattered and excited when one of my creations is featured in this amazing magazine!

Many thanks to Amanda for her always great job! This issue is absolutely to be kept!

My woolen scarves are modeled here too ;) oh I love this shot!

But my Mom was a great model too, don't you think?? I love to ask her to model for me, I know she's delighted! We spend such wonderful Mother and Daughter quality time... we always laugh a lot!

Love this one... I kept it simple but sophisticated, adding sparkle and vintage buttons. Can't wait to wear it!

This version in black and white is not featured in the magazine (you can find the instructions on how to make it, though), but I wanted you to see it. I especially designed it for the evening or a special occasion. The hand- sewn pearls and the velvet rosette add a touch of glamour to the soft mohair. Can't wait to sport this too ;)

Hope I haven't bored you stiff with my publications! You know I show them here also for my 'non blogging' friends and family to enjoy! They expect me to do that ;))
I'd have tons of other things to tell you, I feel very chatty today, but I must dash now. A tower of boxes is waiting to be moved out of the living room. And we'll have a yummy pizza tonight! Must go and heat the oven.
Happy weekend everyone!
Monica x.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Precious {Pink} Stuff.

I thought I'd share again a little bit of pink each week, because we all need that every now and then, right?? 
Moreover, I had started to miss darling Beverly's Pink Saturday an awful lot! But you know, during the cold months I'm more of a 'white' person ;))
This has been a week of very hard work... well, I'm not one who usually moans about things to do, but after six long months of packing, selecting, getting rid of things, organizing, etc.,  living in such a messy and let's admit, not-that-pristine home, I'd definitely need some rest!! But the 'right' time will come...
Now we have two weeks only to vacate this house, so you might understand why I'm kinda absent from your blogs! I do my best to update my blog regularly and to return as many comments as I can, but time is at a premium here!! I'm doing almost all by myself, because it's me that have filled this house to the brim, and it's me that have to get rid of my stuff.
And that is the thorny subject! I definitely am a keeper, and I hate to throw away! Plus, I grow fond of things for the memories or people they evoke... and that is an even bigger problem when you have to downsize! Sometimes it takes days for me to decide for a single object- to keep or not to keep, that is the question!... I bet this is a problem of many of you too. People around me seem to not care.
And what about my 'precious' stuff? My vintage or antique treasures, my creations, my art supplies of all kind? That stuff makes me really happy! So I should keep that. Absolutely. I cannot discard things that make me feel good! 
However, I had to part with something I liked... but well, as a dear blog friend of mine suggested, having to do that was the only way I had to free myself from what cluttered my life, and keep only what I really love and cherish. Not to be buried in things. And I'd add, to make room for new spiritual qualities- order, harmony, beauty, simplicity...
And you? Are you a keeper or not? Do you have some tips for all of us packrats?
Monica x.