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Monday, January 31, 2011

If Anna is Reading...

Anna is a Somerset Life reader who wrote me the kindest words of appreciation for my work (... thank you, by the way! It was lovely to hear from you!), and was particularly interested in the burlap ribbon I used to embellish my ribbon roses published some time ago. She doesn't have a blog, and I cannot reach her via email. After I repeatedly received failure notice from the server, and for anyone else interested, I thought to share here this etsy shop, and this, and this, that sell burlap and jute ribbons. 
If anyone knows different suppliers, please feel free to add the links in the comment section.
Anna, if you happen to be reading, please email me back letting me know you read this. So sorry my private note cannot reach you!:(
Monica x.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A New 'Vintage' Bear!

I've been wanting to link up to Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday for a while now, so I thought I'd share my latest creation there! 
Daisy is one of my Well Loved Bears, so sweet and with that charming vintage patina that makes my little heart rejoyce! I love, love, love antique and vintage teddies!

It looks like I finally found my style in bearmaking. I am a vintage girl at heart, and I love bears to bits! Soooo... 

... what's better than a well loved teddy bear to add a touch of tenderness to a vintage vignette around the house?

Just in case you're wondering, as I need to downsize, I'm getting rid of the 'new' and keeping the 'worn, crackled, chippy and rusty'! Go figure. I know you understand, people around me think I'm totally crazy! 
I'm planning to use my collection of vintage trunks and suitcases as pièce de résistance in our new nest. Now I just need to 'expand' my patience!
Don't forget to pop by Debra's blog to be inspired by all the vintage yumminess. Happy Friday dear friends!
Monica x.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Treats in White!

Do you treat yourself to something pretty every now and then?
After I've been living for several months in this horrible chaos, surrounded by packing materials of all sort and boxes piling up everywhere, I thought I deserved a few little treats, to help keeping my chin up ;))
Soo, I purchased a couple of issues of Jeanne D'Arc Living Magazine from darling Ria...

I was very curious about this magazine, I've seen everywhere around Blogland!

The interiors featured are definitely pretty and the dominant color combinations are white on white/gray on white... 

Very inspiring, indeed. Most of all, to keep my home tidy and free of clutter!;)

My birth month is March, so I'm drawn to anything Spring-y- nests, eggs, muscari, primroses, bluebells, violets and on and on. You bet this centerpiece made my heart go pitter patter!

I like that touch of aqua fabric in the armoire in the background! Do you?

I also treated me to this copy of White on White, by Stephanie Hoppen, for a mere $8/£5/€5.80, shipping included. Less than a magazine. LOVE Amazon!! My hubby never complies!

I've been dreaming of a perfumier's cabinet like that for my bathroom for a long time- hope I will find one someday.

No words needed for this picture, right??

Another spring vignette. So me.

Love old books with cream/white colored covers!

My January treats also included a bunch of opulent cream roses that make me smile every time I pass them by...

... and a vintage crystal ceiling light. To tell you the truth, I bought it for the crystals, but then realized it was way too pretty to be taken apart! I will try to use it in my new home, when I have one!:)

Hope you liked to see my treats. I'm joining Kathleen for White Wednesday, pay her and the other participants a visit to see more beautiful and inspiring whites!
Monica x.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beautiful Oxford!

This Sunday I'll treat you to some pictures of beautiful Oxford! Through my eyes, a place with wonderful architecture, oozing history, where you can breathe culture every single step you take!

Decisions about where to build our nest have been made. Inner inspiration is being followed diligently. I believe there's a place, and one only, where we are meant to live in a certain period of our lives. And I've been reassured... the right home, wherever it is and whatever form it takes, is waiting for us!
Monica x.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Peek Inside my Desk.

In the hustle and bustle of an international move, it's so comforting to sit at my desk (one of the few things that are not bubble- wrapped yet!). I love to sit down there and write, read a letter or one of my favorite books, record emotions on my journals... it's my quiet spot where I can relax completely.
Would you like to sneak a peek inside? 

I keep a small collection of Eiffel Towers into it, together with some tresured gifts from family and friends.

This bookmark was embroidered especially for me, when I turned 18, by my best buddy back then. It recalls very happy memories of those light-hearted days...

I was gifted this beautiful silver mug by my sister friend- I adore it!

My favorite books and faithful companions, slipcovered in my white book covers, dwell into my white desk as well. I find it lovely to have them always on hand!

This letter holder was also a gift from a dear friend, who helped me alot during tough times. It reminds me of her 'true' friendship, and it's soo me!

Linking this to White Wednesday, hope you'll pop by Kathleen's blog to see all the inspiring whites today!
Monica x.