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Monday, September 20, 2010

I Make it a Rule to Not Post on Bad Days...

Update: here we are, soon after surgery. Photo taken by my DH with i-phone, sorry it is bad quality  and I look like a zombie, but it's just to thank you dearly for your love! We felt deeply thankful for having you thinking of us and sending warm thoughts and prayers our way!
Must dash to stay with my baby. The surgery went well, but she needs rest for 3 days (and I will sleep with her in a little bed we put in the livingroom, so she hasn't to go up and down the stairs). Will be back asap. xx

... but today I really need your support and sweet words!!

It was not a good day at all, I'm not that well and Kim has to be spayed tomorrow... plus I'm adding mental weight to all of this. She has been diagnosed ovarian cysts, so she needs spay surgery. My cutie patootie... you know I do love her tremendously!
Some months ago she did a blood test after rabies vaccination, in order to have her passport done, and I nearly fainted at the vet's! Shame on me :((

And even if I'm not a chocolate person, I thought to treat me to a high dose of it today!

Please think of us tomorrow... thank you for your friendship and love!

Monica and Kim x.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bountiful Orchard and a New Hairdo!

Hellooo friends and readers! Hope you're enjoying the changing of the Season...

I'm 'enjoying' head/neckaches, backache and an aching hip and shoulder :(( but also the beautiful colors and treats of this gorgeous season! Look at what I picked in the orchard today... these help me feel good!

Amazing flowers...

... and yummy figs! 
The branches of the tree are full load of fruits and they bend down towards the ground in the garden (our fig tree is planted in the orchard, which is on a lower level). Kim loves figs, and she often goes to sniff those juicy delights!... but as she's VERY well- behaved, doesn't eat them if I don't give her permission. Sometimes I pick some and we eat them together :)) Hope I can find time to make some jam too.

I really needed to have my hair cut! Do you like my new hairdo??