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Monday, June 28, 2010

From My Sketchbook.

Hi everyone! It's getting hotter and hotter outside, and my blood pressure is sooo looow! :(( Glad I can enjoy some pleasant studio time indoors. I'm trying some watercolor papers- new grains, new textures, new effects.
Hope your week is off to a great start!
Monica x.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Relax!

Hello everyone! Let me say you really spoiled me with all your friendly, sweet, adorable comments about my creative space! I'm replying to each of you at my own (slow) pace. Also, I wanted to say thank you for all the 'blog love' you sent my way when I posted about my hands. My right one is still hurting when I do computer work, but I'm definitely better now that the weather has turned sunny and warm. (P.S. Just to mention, after I read some comments, that sometimes pain could be back even after surgery, due to factors as median nerve damage or thickening of the sheath of the little nerves around median nerve, that cause compression. You can learn more about this problem just asking your doctor). The greatest hint I've been given is to change lifestyle! :((
With this in mind, this week I gave me permission to rest a bit, and to enjoy the garden and little things that make me happy. Like afternoon tea (Darjeeling) on the white bench (wink wink), served in a pretty mismatched vintage tea set (double wink again)...

... my sweet companion by my side...

... a bunch of roses picked at the supermarket (gosh, isn't this color amazing??)...

... and my favorites, cucumber sandwiches!!! This sounds nothing like Italian... definitely it must be my English soul!;))

I'm working outside, taking advantage of the warm temperatures...

and 'flying' and writing on my journal on the freshly mowed lawn... oh joy!!

And you? Do you give yourself permission to slow down, rest and enjoy the little things?
Monica x.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I Create: Welcome to My Studio!

Finally it's party time!
Karen Valentine over at My Desert Cottage graciously hosts the 'Event of the Year', where to inspire and be inspired by many gorgeous people and workrooms... thank you, dear Karen!!
I'm also linking to Pink Saturday- thank you also to our lovely hostess Beverly for allowing us to post our creative spaces today. I have 46 pictures for you to enjoy!!
... Please do come in. My studio is a small room, but it's my personal "den" where I can ⎨have fun fun fun⎬ work!

I love my supplies and WIPs to be mainly hidden into a wardrobe, bacause I can make a REAL mess when I work, and I only have one day a week to tidy up! This was the wardrobe in our previous home's master bedroom, my hubby and dad adapted for me...

During summertime I always have fresh flowers on my desk, and as I have taken these pictures over a month period, you can spot different arrangements.

I made several patchwork bags to house tons of scraps to be recycled (I hate tossing anything), so they are always tidy and don't drive me crazy! ;) 

In my spare time (ha!) I'm making coffee filter roses for a project ;)

Some of my craft books are stored here, sorted by color and height. I hear you ask- and yes! I always have them this neat, and my desk is always empty and clean before bedtime... so the next morning I can choose freely what to create! I suppose this can sound a wee bit obsessive, but I like to stay organized this way to keep my sanity! :)

My fabric covered basket, some of you may remember (I will repost its ugly 'before' one day!)...

A few of my beads... many years ago I was an avid bead collector and jewelry maker too. 

Can you spot my sweet furry girl?? That is her favorite place to stay when I'm working- happy Mama here :))

My inspiration board, I've already shown in a previous post, with things that inspire me or have a sentimental value. 

Another fabric board I made.

Love to collect blue costume brooches...

My glitter shakers and a cute monogrammed memo pad from Marshall's...

An old bottle holder now portable collection of acrylics...

Other favorites...

I recently changed all the pictures I had in these frames, using a fabric background and black and white photographs only. I think I'm in love!

Love this orchid my DH gave me last March for my Birthday!

And TA DAAAA!!! Another antique sewing machine, sooo dear to my heart because it's my Great Grandmother's!! My Mom gave me it the very day I had the other one for free... isn't this abundant??? I love it to pieces!

Thomas and Theodore, my newest well loved bears. I'm sad I can't make more due to the issues with my hands, or at least, I have to waaaaait before making another one!

My favorite linen pillow and one I made with a towel my sister friend gave me. Notice the forget-me-nots.

Another of my torsos, hope I will find some more brooches with pearls or clear rhinestones to add to it!

Behind the door... this ribbon board is everchanging- pictures, sketches, antique dresses, you name it!

Coffee stained and stamped clothes pins ready to be used for packaging...

Inspiring things...

My lace curtains, I made with lace for bridal gowns. The shop owner thought I were crazy to make window treatments with it! I have purchased this lace at an incredibly low price to make all my house's curtains, and I am so happy with them! They're very easy to wash, it has been almost 10 year I'm enjoying them, even when we moved to our current home, and they're still perfect!

A ribbon rose to romance...
During summertime, I cannot keep them, they're too bright for me (I am very sensitive to light) so I have a blue-and-white-checked ones matching my studio's fabric scheme. Sorry for the bad photo, I took it years ago with a point and shoot camera. Just to show you.

Finally, my sewing machine cover...

... iron board and blue steam iron...

... and the landscape I enjoy from my window!

Don't forget to visit Karen, Beverly, and all the other bloggers! I'm sure we will have muuuch fun!
Monica x.